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Biotech Report 2018: Origin and development of the sector

In this year's Swiss Biotech Report, SIX looks back on the past 20 years of successful biotech listings.

Switzerland's biotech sector is a growing and competitive industry. The Swiss Biotech Report 2018[pdf] provides an outlook on key biotech trends as well as a look back on the challenges the sector has successfully overcome in the past. This is illustrated by articles ranging from research and product development to supporters, funding and market launch. The report also delivers key performance figures for the Swiss biotech industry. The new report was presented at this year's Swiss Biotech Day, the leading Swiss biotechnology conference.


Successful Biotech IPOs

An IPO is an exciting option for biotech companies to raise capital. This is illustrated by the successful initial public offerings of numerous companies on SIX over the past two decades. The companies reflect an aggregated market capitalization of approximately CHF 25 billion at the end of 2017. Christian Fehr, Relationship Manager Primary Markets at SIX, gives an overview of the IPOs and how the Swiss stock exchange actively supports the companies even after the IPO.

Europe's leading exchange for Life Sciences

SIX is Europe's leading exchange for Life Sciences companies, representing around 40% of the European Life Sciences market capitalization. SIX offers both Swiss and foreign companies an ideal environment for raising capital. To learn more about our advantages for equity issuers, you can watch our film or read our publications.

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