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Costs of Listing

The following table provides an overview of the major charges that apply to the listing of an Exchange Traded Product:

Basic charge

Processing of the listing application CHF 2'000

Additional charge

New issuers CHF 10'000
Additional trading currencies CHF 1'000 per additional currency
Examination of the stand-alone listing prospectus CHF 3'000
Listing prospectus with reference to an approved listing prospectus CHF 2'000
Examination of the listing prospectus of issuance programmes CHF 1'500

Flat charge

Examination and registration of issuance programmes CHF 5'000
Examination of new tranches of issuance programmes CHF 3'000

Maintenance of listing

Annual basic charge for 1 - 10 ETPs CHF 3'000 per ETP
Annual basic charge for 11 - 20 ETPs CHF 1'500 per ETP
Annual basic charge for 21 - 30 ETPs CHF 1'000 per ETP
Annual basic charge for 31 ETPs and above CHF 500 per ETP

The List of Charges can be accessed under the Regulation tab on the Website of SIX Exchange Regulation.