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iNAV – for heightened Transparency

iNAV (indicative net asset value) is an essential key number for ETF trading. It reflects the approximated value arrived at through the continual recalculation of the fund's total assets, with each individual position being marked to the market. It is computed throughout the trading day and published at regular intervals (generally, every 15 seconds) via distribution channels. This ensures transparent prices.

iNAV is calculated for each ETF listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Two calculation methods are offered:

1. At no cost, SIX Swiss Exchange obtains via financial data provider SIX Financial Information the iNAV reading as calculated by a third party.

2. SIX Swiss Exchange calculates the iNAV based on the actual index level, which is multiplied by a factor that either the issuer or a third party supplies to the Exchange on a daily basis.