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COVID-19: Zur Rose is calling for an exception allowing the mail-orders for over-the-counter emergency, cold and flu medicines

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COVID-19: Zur Rose is calling for an exception allowing the mail-orders for
over-the-counter emergency, cold and flu medicines

23.03.2020 / 11:00


Frauenfeld, 23 March 2020

Press release

COVID-19: Zur Rose is calling for an exception allowing the mail-orders for
over-the-counter emergency, cold and flu medicines

The coronavirus is having a huge impact on public life and curtailing
freedom of movement. In these circumstances, the mail-order business is
becoming ever more important. In Switzerland, however, non-prescription
medicines can only be delivered by mail when specifically allowed by a
doctor. Zur Rose is therefore calling for an exemption to be granted,
temporarily allowing non-prescription emergency, cold and flu medicines
(over-the-counter medicines) to be sold by mail order. Online pharmacies can
play an effective role in protecting the population right now, helping to
curb the spread of the coronavirus and taking some of the pressure off
bricks-and-mortar pharmacies and their exposed staff.
The request was submitted to Switzerland's Federal Office for Public Health
and the Federal Council today.

In COVID-19 Directive 2, the Federal Council outlines measures for reducing
the risk of transmission and for combating the coronavirus. The next few
weeks will show whether the regulations and our behaviour as a society can
help slow down the rapid spread of the virus we are currently witnessing in
Switzerland. It is vital to ensure that Switzerland is able to supply its
population with medicines and at the same time avoid any further spread of
the virus. What people who are in quarantine and who are at risk need right
now are simple, quick and reliable supplies, and online pharmacies such as
Zur Rose can step in here.

Improve protection for everyone - by allowing mail orders for OTC medicines
Zur Rose has a special role to play in securing the vital supply of
medicines in Switzerland under the federal government's medical continuity
plan. Today it has written to the Federal Council and the Federal Office for
Public Health (see
petitioning for the temporary right to deliver OTC emergency, cold and flu
medicines by mail order. In specific terms, Zur Rose is requesting that, as
long as the COVID-19 Directive is in force, prescriptions should not be
required in the case of mail-orders for OTC preparations that treat flu or
cold symptoms (preparations that are suitable for self-medication and that
combat symptoms such as headaches, fever, diarrhoea, coughs, colds or
nausea). Walter Oberhänsli, Executive Director and CEO Zur Rose Group,
states, 'It makes no sense that sick people can have food and prescription
medicines delivered to their homes but are forced to visit a pharmacy for
urgently required OTC medicines that alleviate flu and cold symptoms. They
are exposing themselves to the risk of infection with COVID-19 and
potentially putting the health of pharmacy staff at risk as well.'

Highest safety standards - supporting the Federal Council's restrictions
Zur Rose takes numerous precautions when shipping drugs. Two pharmacists
check each order before it is released for shipment. The customer
identification procedure also prevents anyone from placing multiple orders
when they should not. This is fundamental in view of the dispensing
restrictions adopted by the Federal Council on 18 March 2020. It is in all
of our interests to take some of the pressure off local pharmacies and
chemists by (temporarily) approving the sale of OTC drugs by mail order.
This will help the entire population, protect workers and contribute to our
common goal of maintaining supplies while at the same time curbing the
spread of the virus.


Pascale Ineichen, Corporate Communications Zur Rose Suisse AG
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