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CREALOGIX Group continues its successful evolution into a software provider with an international orientation specialising in the financial industry.

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Zurich, 27 September 2013

2012/2013 annual financial statements

CREALOGIX Group continues its successful evolution into a software provider with an international orientation specialising in the financial industry.

The CREALOGIX Group had a successful 2012/2013 financial year. Despite the challenging environment, it succeeded in slightly increasing its sales to CHF 49.3 million. Investments in product enhancements and in the development of the German market, however, lowered the operating profit (EBIT) to CHF 3.1 million. The company continued to push ahead with its international expansion. The CREALOGIX Group is well positioned and will continue to pursue its growth strategy.

The CREALOGIX Group continues to rigorously pursue its evolution into a software provider specialising in the financial industry. The financial sector's share of sales rose to around 87 per cent (previous year: 79 per cent). While product sales increased, service sales declined as expected. Income from new licenses increased by 10 per cent and recurring income from maintenance and support increased by an impressive 19 per cent.

Banks continue to curb IT spending as margins remain under pressure. This trend affected Swiss banks more than our clients in Germany, where the digital banking software business (e-banking, mobile banking and e-banking security) performed well.

Development of sales and results

As published in the preliminary announcement on 6 September 2013, the CREALOGIX Group increased consolidated annual sales slightly to CHF 49.3 million (previous year: CHF 48.6 million) in the 2012/2013 financial year (1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013). The higher product sales effectively compensated for the decline in service sales. CREALOGIX achieved further growth in its core segments.

During the year under review, CREALOGIX invested consistently in product enhancements. These costs were not capitalised, but were expensed in full. And since extraordinary expenses were also incurred in developing the German market, profit was lower compared to the previous year, as had been forecast in the half-yearly report. Operating profit (EBIT) stood at CHF 3.1 million (previous year: CHF 4.0 million), which is equivalent to an EBIT margin of 6.2 per cent (previous year: 8.0 per cent). Compared to the previous year, net profit fell by CHF 0.6 million to CHF 2.6 million. This corresponds to a profit margin of 5.1 per cent (previous year: 6.3 per cent). The financial result stood at CHF 0.2 million.

The CREALOGIX Group has healthy finances. At the close of the financial year, cash and cash equivalents, including securities, stood at CHF 26.5 million while shareholders' equity amounted to CHF 36.6 million. The equity ratio of 73.2 per cent is outstanding in the industry.

E-banking: full product pipeline and internationalisation

The e-banking business is exposed to fiercer competition and cyclical uncertainty in the financial market. In this difficult market environment, CREALOGIX managed to slightly increase total sales in e-banking during the year under review. The acquisition of C1 FinCon's advisory business in Germany brought the company one step further in implementing the Bank 2.0 strategy. At the same time, CREALOGIX strengthened its market position in Germany and expanded its customer base.

During the year under review, the CREALOGIX Group continued to drive the development of Bank 2.0 products. The use of new technologies – such as widget technology (mix-and-match functional blocks) in the CLX.E Banking 2.0 Product Suite – enables banks to supply clients with information more clearly, quickly and efficiently across all channels and devices. Not only do the new technologies completely change the user interface, they also offer banks more freedom, faster implementation and thus cost savings.

During the year under review, CREALOGIX not only updated the e-banking platform; it also launched CLX.Campaigner, a new campaign management tool for banks to boost marketing efficiency with target-group-specific offerings in e-banking. Demand for mobile banking offerings remains very high. Various banks successfully introduced CLX.PaymentScanner for the convenient scanning of deposit slips via a smartphone or CLX.FotoTAN for secure authentication. CLX.PortalApp, a security-hardened mobile app featuring an integrated browser for secure access to mobile banking, proved to be a huge success. Banks are using this app to continuously expand their mobile bank access portal. The growing need to protect privacy has driven demand for CREALOGIX security products.

E-payment: a new generation in the product portfolio

Demand for slip scanners for corporate and private customers remains strong. The number of devices sold went up slightly year-on-year. As part of the ongoing renewal of the product portfolio, the attractive, ergonomically designed CLX.PayPen II (a new slip scanner) and CLX.ScanMouse came out in summer 2013.

With respect to payment software for corporate and private customers, CREALOGIX invested heavily in product development during the year under review and upgraded the entire software product portfolio for the PayMaker family. The new generation of payment solutions is nearly ready for launch. The innovative Swiss cloud solution will be marketed as CLX.Nova beginning in autumn 2013. The application is available not only for desktops but also for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Also, it is rigorously implemented in a service-oriented architecture that allows third-party software developers to integrate CREALOGIX products' functions with their solutions via web services.

Education: significant growth in the education segment

The education segment performed well during the year under review and reports a significant increase in sales. CREALOGIX attracted important new customers in campus management and for its learning platforms and e-learning solutions.

CREALOGIX collaborated closely with its clients to invest heavily in the enhancement of education products during the year under review. The learning platform for commercial trainees – time2learn – was successfully built up into an online marketplace for digital study modules where external partners can also offer study materials. CREALOGIX partnered with the Centre for Young Professionals in Banking (CYP), the training and competence centre of Swiss banks, to implement the Future Learning project. At the CYP, around 5 600 students from more than 60 banks acquire professional expertise using tablet PCs and innovative study modules. However, CREALOGIX education solutions are in demand in industries other than financial services as well. The authoring tool CLX.Stage was implemented by several clients. Demand for the CLX.Tracker learning platform also increased. More than 55 companies now use CLX.Tracker to train employees – it is increasingly being used abroad, as well. This favourable development underscores CREALOGIX's leading position in Switzerland's growing market for digital learning.

Thanks to the new strategic alliance with three of Switzerland's largest universities of applied sciences, CREALOGIX is strengthening its leading market position as a supplier of campus management systems. With CLX.Evento, a solution for automatic timetable and resource planning for complex university campuses, CREALOGIX expanded successfully into Germany. Another key requirement for growth was met by cooperating with HIS GmbH, Germany's leading solutions provider for German universities.


CREALOGIX got off to a good start in the new financial year. However, it is still hard to forecast the underlying conditions for CREALOGIX customers, financial institutions in Europe, for the coming year. There has been an improved mood on the market of late. During the current financial year, the CREALOGIX Group expects to grow around 10 per cent overall with a similar profit margin as in the previous year. The company will continue to pursue its growth strategy and look into attractive acquisition opportunities.

Planned distribution

On the basis of the reported net profit and the positive outlook for the future, the Board of Directors has decided to propose to the shareholders at the shareholders' meeting the distribution of CHF 2 per share from the reserves set aside from capital contributions.

The complete annual report for 2012/2013 can be downloaded at www.crealogix.com/ir-reports.

Background information about CREALOGIX

The CREALOGIX Group is a leading independent software house in Europe and the Swiss market leader for E-Banking, E-Payment and Education. Under the term “Bank 2.0”, CREALOGIX develops and implements innovative solutions for the digital bank of tomorrow. Its focus is on changing customer needs for mobility, security, personalised advice and a comprehensive user experience. The shares of CREALOGIX Holding AG (CLXN) are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The Group was founded in 1996 and generates sales of CHF 50 million with more than 250 employees.



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