28.04.2020 – Investis Holding SA

Investis Annual General Meeting – all Board proposals approved

Press release

Zurich, 28 April 2020

Investis Annual General Meeting all Board proposals approved

Investis Holding SA held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Zurich today under extraordinary circumstances. In accordance with the requirements as defined in the Ordinance 2 of the Federal Council of Switzerland, regarding measures to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) (COVID-19-Ordinance 2), shareholders were not allowed to attend the event in person. A total of 11,676,951 shares (91.2% of all shares) were duly represented by the independent proxy. All proposals of the Board of Directors listed in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting on 3 April 2020 were approved. The following was decided:

  • Gross dividend distribution of CHF 2.35 (CHF 1.94 net) per share, half of which will be paid in the form of a repayment from capital contribution reserves, value date 5 May 2020 (ex-date 30 April 2020)
  • Approval of the Compensation Report 2019 in a consultative vote and approval of the proposals about maximum overall remuneration for Members of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Board
  • Re-election of all current members of the Board of Directors for a further one-year term
  • Re-election of Riccardo Boscardin as Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Re-election of the members of the Compensation Committee: Albert Baehny (Chair) and Riccardo Boscardin
  • Re-election of PWC, Bern, as the statutory auditor for the financial year 2020 and of the independent proxy Law office Keller GP, Zurich, for a term of one year.

The constitution following the meeting resulted in the following unchanged composition of the Audit Committee: Thomas Vettiger (Chair), Riccardo Boscardin. Albert Baehny continues as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Investis Holding SA’s 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will take place in Zurich on
27 April 2021.


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