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Medartis reports good sales growth above market levels in 2019

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Medartis reports good sales growth above market levels in 2019

03-March-2020 / 07:00 CET/CEST
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Medartis reports good sales growth above market levels in 2019

Basel, Switzerland, 3 March 2020 - Medartis Holding AG (SIX: MED), a leading
manufacturer and provider of medical devices for surgical fixation of bone
fractures, reported a solid sales increase of 10% in local currencies for
2019, once again exceeding market growth. EBITDA increased to CHF 20.3
million and the adjusted EBITDA margin was 15%. For 2020, Medartis expects
unchanged sales growth of 10% in local currencies with an adjusted EBITDA
margin of 15%.

Today, Medartis will hold a conference (in German) for the media, analysts
and investors at Hotel Widder, Rennweg 7, Zurich, at 9:30 CET, as well as a
telephone conference (in English) at 14:00 CET.

    CHFm          2018       2018       2019       2019      Change
               (reported) (adjusted) (reported) (adjusted) (adjusted)
    Sales        121.3      121.3      130.1      130.1    7%/10% LC
    Gross        101.0     101.2(1)    111.3     110.6(2)      9%
    Opex          95.0     91.9(1)     103.9     103.6(3)     13%
    Operating     6.1       9.3(1)      7.4       7.0(4)      -25%
    EBIT           5%         8%         6%         5%        -3pp
    EBITDA        14.4     17.6(1)      20.3     20.0(4)      14%
    EBITDA        12%        15%        16%        15%        0pp

    Headcount     561        561        609        609         9%
(1) Excluding capital market-related costs (IPO) of CHF 3.2 million.

(2) Excluding positive effect from pension fund plan amendment of CHF 0.7

(3) Excluding a provision for possible price and commission agreements in
Brazil of CHF 3.0 million and excluding positive effect from pension fund
plan amendment of CHF 2.7 million.

(4) Excluding a provision for possible price and commission agreements in
Brazil of CHF 3.0 million and excluding positive effect from pension fund
plan amendment of CHF 3.4 million.

In the 2019 financial year, Medartis reported sales of CHF 130.1 million.
This corresponds to solid year-on-year growth of 10% in local currencies,
compared with 8% in the first half of 2019, and is within the upper range of
the forecasted 8-10% growth rate. On a CHF basis, sales in 2019 rose by 7%,
which in particular reflects the exchange rate developments against the
euro, the Brazilian real and the Australian dollar.

Medartis' subsidiaries in the core European, Australian and US markets
continued to develop significantly above market levels, while development in
the distributor markets was mixed. In terms of products, hand and wrist,
which are the strongest sales lines, continued their previous growth path.
The Lower Extremities segment experienced dynamic but less-than-expected

In line with the company's growth strategy, adjusted operating expenses rose
by 13% in the 2019 financial year. Important areas of investment included
preparations for the entry into force of the EU Medical Device Regulation
(MDR), enhanced training initiatives with Medartis' scientific partner
International Bone Research Association (IBRA), build-up investments in
Japan and China, the expansion of the supply chain as well as the
recruitment of additional employees. Headcount increased from 561 at the end
of 2018 to 609 at year-end 2019.

Profitability at the EBITDA level increased from CHF 14.4 million in the
previous year to CHF 20.3 million in the 2019 financial year, including an
effect of CHF 3.6 million resulting from the first-time application of the
IFRS 16 accounting standard.

Adjusted for the CHF 3.0 million provision for possible price and commission
agreements at former distributor Extera in Brazil announced in December
2019, as well as a positive effect of CHF 3.4 million arising from pension
fund plan amendment, EBITDA for 2019 was CHF 20.0 million. This compares
with an EBITDA adjusted for CHF 3.2 million in IPO costs of CHF 17.6 million
in 2018. The reported EBITDA margin was 16% versus 12% in 2018. The adjusted
EBITDA margin remained unchanged at 15% compared to 2018.

EBIT in 2019 was CHF 7.4 million versus CHF 6.1 million one year ago, and
net profit was CHF 2.1 million compared to CHF 4.2 million in 2018. Cash
flow from operating activities was CHF 8.1 million compared to CHF 6.5
million in 2018.

Development by region

                         EMEA APAC LATAM North America Total
    Sales, CHFm
    2019                 70.3 23.7 14.4      21.7      130.1
    2018                 66.4 22.8 12.9      19.3      121.3
    Growth, %
    in CHF                6%   4%   12%       12%         7%
    in local currencies   9%   9%   16%       11%        10%
Medartis' biggest region, EMEA, recorded sales of CHF 70.3 million in 2019,
which corresponds to growth of 9% in local currencies compared with 2018.
The subsidiaries in the UK, France and Poland reported dynamic growth above
expectations, while the other subsidiaries developed solidly. The important
distributor markets Italy and Spain remained below expectations, which is in
part attributable to more cautious investment behavior in light of the new
MDR, but reported improved trends in the second half of the year. The
Netherlands, a leading European market for sterile products, achieved
dynamic growth supported by investments made by the distributor. Medartis is
well prepared for the MDR when it comes into force at the beginning of May

In North America, sales experienced strong growth of 11% in local currency,
increasing to CHF 21.7 million. This is mainly attributable to the hand,
wrist and elbow segments. An innovative wrist plate developed specifically
for the US market was introduced in the fourth quarter of 2019, meeting with
very good customer feedback. Thanks to various initiatives currently
underway to further build up the US business, the subsidiary continued to
see significantly above-market growth, but has not yet achieved the
envisioned growth momentum.

Sales in APAC increased 9% in local currencies to CHF 23.7 million. The
subsidiary in Australia, Medartis' strongest sales market in the region,
recorded solid growth with a strong increase in case numbers despite a
nation-wide reduction to all reimbursements in the health care system of 7%.
The new subsidiary in Japan, which began operations in the Lower Extremities
segment at the end of 2018, significantly increased sales in the second half
of the year and developed according to plan. The distributor business in
Japan in Upper Extremities did not meet expectations despite an improved
second half of the year. In contrast, the two larger distributors in South
Korea and Thailand grew dynamically. As expected, the new subsidiary in
China obtained product authorization in 2019 and will begin to develop the
market in 2020.

In LATAM, Medartis reported sales of CHF 14.4 million, which corresponds to
growth of 16% in local currencies. In a persistently challenging market
environment, the subsidiary in Brazil achieved dynamic growth exceeding that
of the previous year (on an organic basis). In contrast, the subsidiary in
Mexico was below expectations. In terms of distributor markets, Chile also
grew dynamically, and Columbia further expanded its sales as a result of a
strong rise in hand and wrist cases.

Development of business segments

                            Upper       Lower    CMF and Total
                         Extremities Extremities Others
    Sales, CHFm
    2019                    92.6        18.3      19.2   130.1
    2018                    87.2        16.4      17.8   121.3
    Growth, %
    in CHF                   6%          12%       8%       7%
    in local currencies      9%          16%       10%     10%
Upper Extremities, Medartis' largest business segment, recorded a sales
increase of 9% to CHF 92.6 million in local currencies in the 2019 financial
year. Medartis gained further market share in many core markets with an
established market position in the hand and wrist segment. The segments
wrist, which is the strongest sales segment, and elbow saw continued strong
growth in local currencies, while the hand segment reported solid growth.
Sales growth in the shoulder segment almost doubled, at a low level,
compared with 2018. In mid-2020, Medartis will complement the existing
plates and screws portfolio with the introduction of a forearm fracture
system and an innovative clavicle system to the market.

Lower Extremities, Medartis' youngest business segment, recorded sales of
CHF 18.3 million in 2019, which corresponds to growth in local currencies of
16% and was below expectations. With a view to further rounding out the
plates and screws portfolio, and as a foundation for more dynamic growth,
additional innovative systems for corrections in the mid- and hindfoot and
for fractures of the lower tibia and fibula are planned to be introduced to
the market in mid-2020.

The CMF and Others segment, which comprises solutions for the
craniomaxillofacial region as well as instruments and containers, recorded
sales growth in local currencies of 10% to CHF 19.2 million in the 2019
financial year. Medartis experienced above-market growth in the CMF segment.
The introduction of a new generation of the CMF product line is planned for
April 2020.


Since its founding in 1997, Medartis has stood for innovative strength and
technological leadership. Building on these strengths, the sales focus,
market orientation, especially in the US, and the speed in innovation are to
be strengthened in line with the existing growth strategy.

- Sales focus: Targeted focus on regional market requirements by anchoring
the EMEA, North America and LATAM/APAC regions at the executive management

- US business: Building and expanding the US business as a top priority
through recruitment of a new leadership team, expansion of sales (direct and
via distributors) and build-up of US-focused product development

- Innovative strength: Accelerated expansion of innovation pipeline by
shortening development times as well as through partnerships and M&A

- Rollout of expanded range of cannulated compression screws scheduled for
June 2020 after shortened development time of five months; a total of six
innovations are planned to be brought to the market in 2020

- Two projects for complementary technologies and indications being
implemented with partners

- M&A longlist with over 200 potential targets, five due-diligence reviews

The organizational changes necessary to implement this program have been
initiated and will be completed within the current year. Over the medium
term, Medartis wants to achieve annual sales growth of over 15% in local
currencies with a gradual increase in the adjusted EBITDA margin.

For 2020, as the program is being implemented and in light of the mild
winter with lower case numbers, Medartis expects unchanged sales growth of
10% in local currencies with an adjusted EBITDA margin of 15% (barring
unforeseen circumstances).

Christoph Brönnimann, CEO Medartis: "We achieved good growth above the
market in 2019, but we have not yet met our own expectations. Medartis
stands for innovative strength, and the next step is now to further increase
our speed in innovation and efficiency in sales. Another key focus is the
accelerated building of our business in the US, the biggest market for our
industry. 2020 will be an important year for strengthening our organization,
where we will also continue to invest while bringing innovations to the
market. This positions us well for further substantial growth over the
medium term and a gradual increase in profitability over the coming years."

Documents 2019 full-year results
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Press release:
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Annual Report:
2019 Annual Report

Media, analyst and investor conference in Zurich (in German)
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