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SIX Multi-Dimensional Data fluX (SIX MDDX®)

SIX MDDX is the latest service among our market data feeds and provides real-time market data from:

  • SWXess Trading Platform, including MiFID/MiFIR data content such as UTC timestamps with microsecond granularity as well as MMT trade flags.
  • SIX Swiss Exchange index data
  • Reference data from CONNEXOR and other sources
  • Bespoke data sets based on Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) requirements, using the SoupBinTCP point-to-point network protocol
  • Third-party content show more

MDDX SoupBinTCP (point-to-point) version is available for vendors and the MDDX MoldUDP64 (multicast) version for trading participants.

There are several connectivity options out of the data centers in Zurich and through Proximity and Access Point services to get the SIX MDDX data feed. For more information please contact Technical Support.