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Your professional partner for international raw financial data

Through our market feeds, we deliver low latency and high-quality market data conveniently and efficiently.

Thanks to first-rate partners, we have access to data sources from across the globe that meet the highest demands. Our product range promotes transparency in the financial marketplace and allows users to do extensive market research.

We maintain a hi-tech range of products and services that are continuously adapted to customer needs:

  • SIX Multi-Dimensional Data fluX (SIX MDDX®)
    SIX MDDX provides real-time market data from the SWXess Trading Platform, SIX Swiss Exchange index data, Swiss Fund Data, reference data from CONNEXOR and other sources. Currently, this data feed is only available for vendors.

  • ITCH Market Data Interface (IMI)
    The IMI connects participants with both the SWXess Equities and Non-Equities On Book Matcher (OBM) Partitions. For Equities OBM Partition it is enhanced to provide the highest speed possible. Participants benefit from the renowned high-performance industry standard of the ITCH protocol.

Any changes to User Specifications and data content are published via SIX Exfeed Ltd Messages that are disseminated directly to all parties concerned.


As a sourcing partner and supplier of market information our aim is to provide all market participants the same low latency out of the data centers in Zurich and through Co-location services. To select a suitable type of connectivity, please find more information about the wide range of connectivity options and interfaces here.

For further information, please contact us.


Unique reference data with CONNEXOR

CONNEXOR allows for fully automated, cost-efficient management of reference data thanks to its globally unique data standard. This enables to benefit from high-quality, complete and immediately available reference data for an efficient further processing.