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News - Another Six Months



20.12.2018 Participants

Another Six Months

What does the extension of "equivalence" mean for the Swiss stock exchange run by SIX?

The European Commission decided on Thursday, 20 December 2018, to offer Switzerland six additional months to agree on a new treaty that will govern the country’s future relations with the European Union (EU).

This allows the Swiss stock exchange run by SIX to maintain access to EU clients until the end of June 2019 under a temporary extension of the “equivalence” regime that permits EU clients to continue accessing the Swiss market locally.

We would like to invite you to watch the following hot-off-the-press filmed interview with Tomas Kindler, Head Business Management & Services, Member of the Management Committee, Securities & Exchanges, SIX, who explains the impact of the current situation on the Swiss stock exchange and the business of SIX.

More information on the equivalence of the Swiss stock exchange.


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