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News - Swiss exchange launches microwave trading network



03.05.2018 Participants

Swiss exchange launches microwave trading network

The Exchange Services unit of SIX launched the first international microwave-based trading network in Europe.

SIX is the first exchange worldwide to own and operate an international microwave network in Europe. The network connects Zurich to London, Frankfurt and Milan as well as Milan to London and Frankfurt. It enables trading participants of the Swiss exchange to execute their trading strategies faster and enhances their risk management. It also improves liquidity and tightens spreads, which results in better execution conditions for all stakeholders of the Swiss exchange.

The Swiss exchange offers the service through 12H AG ("12H"). 12H is a joint-venture of SIX and the shareholders of the microwave solutions provider 12Horizons Pte Ltd. 12H is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The new service is integrated into the portfolio of the Exchange Services unit of SIX which takes care of all customer relationships for 12H. Equal access to the new offering is ensured for all trading participants at both regulatory and technical levels, in line with Switzerland's legal framework.

Thomas Zeeb, Head Securities & Exchanges, SIX, comments: "Introducing microwave technology represents a significant step towards creating the Exchange Services of the future and our strong commitment to provide customers with a single source for the best low latency services from and to Zurich. We are the operator of Switzerland's combined exchange and post-trade infrastructure and the new service demonstrates our strategy to redefine how breakthrough technology is deployed in the trade and post-trade areas."

Exchange Services: Get the best of both worlds

A strategic and organizational realignment of SIX has brought the Swiss Exchanges and Securities Services together. This combines the dynamism of one of Europe's foremost exchanges with the stability and reliability of one of the most respected post-trade service providers in the industry. The resulting SIX business unit is now a powerful single source for Swiss and international clients for listing, trading and post-trade solutions.

SIX Swiss Exchange AG is one of Europe's key stock exchanges and is the reference market for Swiss securities and has recently been nominated as "Exchange Group of the Year" for the FN Trading and Technology Awards 2018.


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