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News - New launch: primary debt capital market report



22.02.2018 Issuers

New launch: primary debt capital market report

Our primary debt capital market report provides quarterly statistics and charts concerning bonds listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

The primary debt capital market report[pdf] contains information such as the number and volume of new bond listings on SIX Swiss Exchange, upcoming maturities, distribution of issuers (sectors and countries), average maturity and related interest rate and spread development. The report appears quarterly.

International bond market

In 2017, more than 290 bonds were newly listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, which equates to a nominal value of more than CHF 80 billion. Over a period of ten years, a total of over CHF 850 billion has been raised.

Approximately 55% of outstanding bonds are from issuers outside Switzerland (excluding issues from the public sector and supranational organizations). The ten largest countries account for around CHF 345 billion in outstanding bonds, corresponding to about 88% of the total volume.

Despite the low interest rate environment the average maturity of all bonds issued between 2010 and 2017 is approximately seven years.

Raising capital efficiently

At SIX Swiss Exchange you benefit from a bond market that is large and international. Issuers include sovereigns, supranational organizations, agencies, corporates and financial institutions. Our bond segment comprises a wide range of instruments, including straight bonds, floating-rate notes, convertibles/exchangeables, asset-backed securities and loan participation notes. You can also list debt instruments in all major world currencies.

You can find out more about the advantages of a bond listing on SIX Swiss Exchange in our Bond Listing Guide.


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