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News - Structured Products Market Report January 2018



07.02.2018 Investors

Structured Products Market Report January 2018

The current market report provides detailed figures on the development of the Structured Products segment at SIX Swiss Exchange.

SIX Swiss Exchange has just published the market report on structured products[pdf] (German). On the trading side, the start of the year for structured products was extremely pleasing. The total was CHF 1'849 billion in January, an increase of 31.01%. Turnover on the exchange rose sharply by 23.41%. The number of trades increased by 20.78%. This was also due to customer purchases of structured products, which increased by 26.45% in January. The overall increase was significantly influenced by participation products, leverage products and yield enhancement products. Listing activities in January saw a strong increase of 40.08% to 3'593 products.

Market Report Structured Products - First-hand Information

SIX Swiss Exchange's market report on structured products is aimed at investors, market participants and the interested public. It provides a comprehensive insight into trading, trends and changes in the Swiss market for structured products. SIX Swiss Exchange thereby makes a valuable contribution to increasing transparency in this market. The market report appears monthly and is free of charge.

Keep up to date with all current events with the structured products website by SIX Swiss Exchange.

Would you like to receive the structured products market report (German) by e-mail? Contact us .


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