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News - New issuer of real estate funds



11.12.2017 Investors

New issuer of real estate funds

SIX Swiss Exchange welcomes Valres Fund Management SA as a new issuer of real estate funds.

Valres Fund Management SA today listed the Valres Swiss Residential Fund (VSRF) on SIX Swiss Exchange. "The listing will allow our fund to access new capital for further acquisitions in order to deploy its strategy and at the same time to raise the fund's profile", commented Ralph Kattan, Founder and CEO of Valres Fund Management.

Valres stands for responsible property management, both economically and ecologically. This approach requires proactive property management. The independent fund management company is dedicated exclusively to real estate assets, operates on a long-term basis and always in the interests of investors. The investment fund under Swiss law was launched in 2014.

Investment funds: key components in asset management

Investment funds and other collective investment schemes are efficient asset management instruments. They are designed for medium to long-term asset growth and investment. Investment funds are segregated pools of assets, i.e. the fund's assets are legally segregated in favor of the investors. Investment funds are not, as a rule, subject to the so-called issuer or counterparty risk.

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