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Specifying Settlement Data

The SWXess platform automatically identifies locked-in instructions following execution of a given stock exchange transaction, including the prospective settlement date and consideration. This information is forwarded to clearing and settlement.

Settlement date

  • Stock exchange transactions in securities listed or authorised for trading on the SIX Swiss Exchange are as a general rule settled on the second exchange day (T+2) following execution.

Settlement consideration amount

  • The SWXess platform automatically calculates the settlement consideration including accrued interest for locked-in trades.
  • When specifying the value date at the beginning of interest accumulation, public holidays in relation to the relevant Central Securities Depository, as well as the various currencies, are taken into account.

Off-order book trades

Off-order book trades may also lead to automatically generated instructions under the following conditions:

  • The participant enters the transaction as a Two-sided Trade Report.
  • If the participant has entered a Delivery Report.
  • The participant does not submit the transaction for "manual settlement".

In all other cases, settlement is performed manually. Participants are responsible for settling transactions in good time.