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Publication Requirement

Transparency created by the publication requirement

SIX has a statutory obligation to publish all information necessary for the transparency of securities trading. The publication requirement applies specifically to price information on the traded securities and to the volume of securities traded on-exchange.

Which data are published?

  • The last exchange price with volumes and time (continuous transmission)
  • The best bid and ask prices with volumes (cumulative, continuous)
  • The trading period and any intervention by the Exchange (e.g. suspension of trading in a security)
  • The order book status (Trading, Pre-Opening, Stop Trading, Suspended)
  • Market depth

How does SIX publish price information?

There are no specific statutory provisions regarding the time and manner of publication. SIX Exfeed Ltd provides the information in real time with the help of SIX. more

Information vendors such as SIX, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg etc. make the information distributed through these media available to the public.