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Market Models on the Exchange

There are two different models for trading on the Exchange, depending on the trading segment.

Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)

With this market model, participants trade on the basis of orders and quotes. At the close of trading there is a closing auction for Shares and Investment Funds, but not for CHF Bonds. Trading can be stopped, depending on the reference price. Prices are calculated according to the CLOB price calculation method.

Which segments is the CLOB trading model used for?

  • Blue Chip Shares
  • Mid-/Small-Cap Shares
  • Secondary Listing Shares
  • Separate Trading Lines
  • Bonds - CHF
  • Investment Funds
  • Rights and Options

Quote Driven Market (QDM)

This market model uses orders and quotes. With the Quote Driven Market model, there is no closing auction, but the price last established is published. Trading is stopped if there are corresponding orders on opposite sides of the order book that could be executed, but no quote is available. Prices are calculated on the basis of quotes.

Which segments is the QDM trading model used for?

  • Sponsored Foreign Shares
  • Bonds - Non CHF
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Exchange Traded Structured Funds (ETSF)
  • Exchange Traded Products (ETP)
  • Sponsored Funds
  • Structured Products


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Market Model and Order Validity Overview