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Quotes enable participants to simultaneously enter firm bid and offer (buy and sell) prices for a certain number of securities.

A quote specifies the simultaneous entry of one or more limited buy and/or sell orders in a single instruction. Quotes remain in the order book until they are executed, overwritten or deleted.

Which attributes must participants indicate on a Quote?

Quotes must be entered with the following attributes:

  • Participant and Trader identifications
  • Transaction Type: buy and/or sell
  • Quantity: number of securities or nominal value for bonds for buy and/or sell side.
  • Identification of the order book: ISIN, trading currency and trading venue
  • Trading capacity: client transaction (trading in own name but for the account of the client, only allowed for Liquidity Providers) or principal transaction (trading in own name and for own account)
  • Price limit: limited for buy and/or sell side
  • Validity: Good-for-Business-Day

Which interface supports quotes?

  • Quote Trading Interface (QTI)