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The bigger the network, the better the liquidity

SIX realizes that there are many different factors that influence our trading participants when they are executing orders. Two key factors are information leakage, as well as price slippage, and for certain orders it can be critical to minimize these factors to get the best possible price of execution.

In order to support clients looking to minimize execution price slippage through reduced information leakage, SIX offers a non-display pool of liquidity: SwissAtMid.

The SwissAtMid service focuses on providing a high performing platform for clients looking for price improvement on execution by providing Mid-Point executions for all Swiss listed instruments in our Blue Chip and Mid and Small Cap segments. With the inclusion of Sweep orders, it is very easy for members to take advantage of the opportunity for improved pricing when routing to our highly liquid and stable lit order book. In addition, newly introduced "Plus" orders allow for dual representation of resting orders in SwissAtMid and main order books.

Find out more about SwissAtMid



SwissAtMid has offered participants improved best execution possibilities on Swiss equities with the chance of significant price improvement.



All trades in SwissAtMid offer fully interoperable CCP support and are conducted as on exchange transactions.


Intraday Activity SwissAtMid: check out the most actively traded stocks!

On every trading day on the Swiss stock exchange, the SwissAtMid Dashboard compares shares by the ratio of SwissAtMid volume against the On Market volume.