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The whole world on one exchange

The Sponsored Foreign Shares segment allows investors to trade blue chips from all around the world directly on SIX Swiss Exchange.

The trading segment Sponsored Foreign Shares contains more than 500 attractive securities from over 20 different countries. This opens up new horizons for Swiss investors to trade some of the biggest companies directly on the Swiss exchange, in Swiss franc during Swiss trading hours.

With many of the world's biggest companies, Sponsored Foreign Shares allow you a broad diversification of countries and sectors. With over 150 securities each, the USA and Germany are the most represented markets in the segment. The remaining shares are issued from countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Discover the detailed list of all securities.

The securities admitted for trading on SIX Swiss Exchange are are primary-listed on major international stock exchanges, but the trading currency for securities in the Sponsored Foreign Shares segment is always Swiss Franc. This allows Swiss investors to avoid foreign exchange transaction costs. All they have to do is make sure they send their order to SIX Swiss Exchange. Certain securities are also tradable in USD and EUR.

Investors located in Switzerland can trade their preferred foreign blue chips during trading hours of the Swiss exchange, even outside of the opening times of their respective home markets. The market makers - or Sponsors - in our segment make sure that liquidity does not dry up. They provide binding buy and sell prices continuously during trading hours, which enables investors to react quickly to market developments.

As a regulated stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange provides a secure and reliable trading environment to investors. Our market control unit ensures transparent, efficient and liquid trading with the objective of treating investors and participants equally and protecting investors. Our website provides more information on our high level of investor protection.

Global investment opportunities

Among the admitted securities, you can find some of the most highly capitalized companies in the world, such as Apple, Exxon Mobil and Alphabet (previously Google). Also available are companies that had some of the most noticeable IPOs of the recent years, such as Alibaba. Further information is available in our factsheet[pdf].