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Market Activity

Date / Time19.09.2018 / Close of trading

Information on listing
 NumberTradesTurnover  (MCHF)
SIX Swiss Exchange-Listed3730.094
Admitted to trading, but not listed000.000

Trading information
 NumberTradesTurnover  (MCHF)
Products traded330.094
Not traded34--

Products with the highest turnover in Swiss francs  15 minutes delayed
CompanyLastChangeTurnover  (MCHF) VolumeBidAsk
Hedged Natural Gas (CHF)2.39152.44 % 0.07732'381 2.7625
Hedged Corn (CHF)2.8440.12 % 0.0114'000  
Invesco Physical Gold ETC117.160.10 % 0.00542116.68117.84