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Clearing & Settlement Model

The infrastructure providers in Switzerland's financial centre were quick to recognise the need for the comprehensive automation of processes in securities processing on the Swiss financial market.

One of Europe's most efficient securities processing systems

To work more efficiently, these providers have vigorously applied the principle of straight-through processing (STP). They automated and restructured existing procedure and embedded within the international frameworks. The Swiss Value Chain thus offers one of Europe's most efficient forms of securities processing.

The clearing and settlement model offers:

  • Full automation via STP of all steps involved from entering an order on SIX Swiss Exchange through into the settlement infrastructure
  • Multi-currency compatibility
  • Choice of national and international clearing and settlement partners

SWXess - the fully integrated trading platform

The SWXess trading platform was developed from the outset as a fully integrated trading platform.

In the form of locked-in trades, it has direct links to the settlement infrastructure, thereby removing any requirement for dual entry in multiple environments.

Executing a stock exchange transaction leads to a fully automated settlement instruction

  • for eligible products to the relevant central counterparty (CCP)
  • for other products directly to the central securities depository (CSD)