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Microwave Network

Microwave technology allows the fastest transmission of trade data between exchange data centers.

The microwave network of SIX provides trading firms looking for low-latency solutions with a single source for ultra low latency services from and to Zurich and Milan. The network currently links Zurich with London, Frankfurt and Milan as well as Milan with Frankfurt and London.

For further information on the Business Setup and Technical Setup, please contact us.

Route Termination Point A Termination Point B
Zurich – LondonEquinix ZH4Equinix LD4
Zurich – FrankfurtEquinix ZH4Equinix FR2
Zurich – MilanEquinix ZH4BT Milan
London – MilanEquinix LD4BT Milan
Frankfurt – MilanEquinix FR2BT Milan

The Swiss Stock Exchange offers the service through the Zurich-based subsidiary 12H AG ("12H") and takes care of all customer relationships. 12H is one of the largest microwave network providers in Europe.

Benefits of microwave technology

The ultra-low latency microwave network of SIX enables trading participants of the Swiss Stock Exchange – such as market makers and liquidity providers in the equities and ETF space – to execute their trading strategies faster while at the same time improving their risk management. As a result, improved liquidity and tighter spreads create better execution conditions for all market participants.

Microwave technology (or radio frequency, RF) allows for trade data to be transmitted faster than via connections based on fibre optic technology. Microwave can deliver lower end-to-end latency than fibre because it takes a more direct line between the two ends of the network. Also, microwave signals travel at the speed of light through air, rather than over fibre, which can attenuate signals.

Innovation and technological leadership

SIX is the first exchange to own and operate an international microwave network in Europe. As the first in the world to introduce fully electronic trading in 1996, the Swiss Stock Exchange has a history of taking a pioneering role in the development of electronic trading and deploying breakthrough technology to shape the future of trading.


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Media Release

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